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"Would you rather be starving, but alive, or eaten by the starving?"


We're all monsters.


Kat Lewis uses beautifully violent language to prove that there is no good or evil - only circumstances. As her characters try to mitigate their immorality and point fingers to say that their monstrosity is no worse than others', Lewis splays a truth about the human condition across each page.


Her stories, "Six Weeks of Solitude" and "Jello Shots and Shopping Carts" focus on the psychological monsters of hate and self-destruction. Lewis turns to physical monsters with the resurrection of a teenage girl in "#324" and the personification of death as a fisherman in "Hook, Line, and Dead." The title story, "In and of Blood," explores the lives of two werewolf sisters as one sister embraces her feral nature and lives as a wolf while the other rejects her inner creature and struggles to live as a human.

Visceral, vicious, and unwavering, In and of Blood captivates as it comments on the monstrosity inside us all and reminds us that sometimes it's okay to be a monster.



Kat Lewis is the author of the short story collection, In and of Blood (Weasel Press 2017). Lewis graduated from Johns Hopkins University where she held the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund Fellowship. In 2018, she received a Fulbright Creative Arts grant in South Korea. She is currently an MFA student at the University of South Florida.

Consulting Services

Freelancer with Entertainment Industry Experience

I am a writer, editor, and videographer with experience producing content for Paramount, Marvel, and Disney products.

I have a BA from Johns Hopkins University in Writing Seminars and I am a Fiction MFA student at the University of South Florida. While I was a student at Hopkins, I spent a semester abroad at the University of Oxford studying Monster Literature. I have extensive experience as a writer and editor in a workshop setting. At Hopkins, I workshopped my fiction and poetry with four Stegner Fellows and a MacArthur Fellow. I received a 2018-2019 Fulbright Creative Arts grant in South Korean and I was also a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship.

Last year, I was awarded the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund Fellowship where I developed a screenplay I wrote with the Academy Award-nominated writers of Bulworth (1998) and JFK (1991). This year, I published my first book, a collection of short horror stories called In and of Blood, with Weasel Press.

I spent the last year working as the Video Production Manager at Insight Editions. Insight Editions publishes books that are tie-ins to film, television, and video gaming properties such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and World of Warcraft.

At Insight, I directed, produced, and wrote copy for all of our video content. My video for The Art of Ghost in the Shell book went to Entertainment Weekly as an exclusive. After that media hit, our book became the number one selling art book on Amazon one week later. My video portfolio can be view here.

As the video production manager, I managed two direct reports and output five book trailers a month. In addition to video production, I also served as an editorial assistant on five titles for Insight Editions and its comics imprint. In this role, I have written descriptive copy for art books for Marvel and Guillermo del Toro, edited our Vampire Diaries companion book, and developed the story of our graphic novel, After Houdini.

At Insight, I also interviewed and hired 12 new team members, including four Senior Editors and the Associate Publisher for Insight's children's imprint.

My past experience makes me the perfect fit as an editor for your creative or academic writing, a videographer for your social media content or marketing material, and a consultant for your college, fellowship, graduate school, and job applications.



                I am represented by Robin Rue at Writers House. 

                You can reach me at kat@katjolewis.com.

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