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Rumble Racing Star, Delabs Games, Lead Writer & Voice Director
Space Frontier, Delabs Games, Korean-to-English Translator & Voice Director

Select Publications

"To the Kitchen Staff at 초밥 사랑 (Chobap Sarang)," Off Assignment, online (2021)

"On Anger, Autism, and Blackness," The Rumpus, online (2020)


“Death Dream," Fairy Tale Review, print (2022)

“Eat You Whole," Saints+Sinners, print (2022)

“Boarding School Fragments," Wigleaf, online (2021)

“Sadly Enough," Aquifer: The Florida Review, online (2021)

“Breathe for Them Both," TriQuarterly Issue 160, online (2021)

“Magnanimity," Khôra Issue 8, online (2021)

“Absolutely Not An Autobiographical Account,” Khôra Issue 7, online (2021)

“Your Future Self Is a Stranger,” Khôra Issue 6, online (2021)

“The Bylaws of Male and Female Friendships,” Khôra Issue 5, online (2021)

“물귀신 | Mul Gwishin,” The Offing, online (2021)
“Hip Deep in the Chesapeake,”
The Offing, online (2021)
“외계인 | Waygyein,”
Cincinnati Review, MiCRo feature, online (2020)
“The Road So Black and Narrow,”
PANK Magazine Issue 14, print (2019)
“Horses & Drowning,”
How Well You Walk Through Madness, print (2017)
“Worcester College,”
Maudlin House, online (2017)


"It's Not Like I Want to Be a Bad Dog Owner," Noyo Review, online (2021)

“Good Shit,” Third Wednesday Vol. IX, No. 4, print (2016)
Third Wednesday Vol. IX, No. 4, print (2016)
“Sully’s Hair,”
Third Wednesday Vol. IX, No. 4, print (2016)

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